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Performance Tuning in SSIS for Denodo ADO Net Source

Assumption: You have Denodo driver installed on server. (I had used “DenodoODBC Unicode” version, when I created User DSN)

Below steps helped me import two million rows (6 columns with mostly int data) data in less than 4 minutes. Earlier it used to take more than one and half hour.

Here trick is to change User DSN settings. :):):)

  • Click “Start” and type-in c:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe and hit enter in Search Programs and File to open “ODBC Data Source Administrator”
  • In “ODBC Data Source Administrator”, in “User DSN” tab select appropriate Data source from “User Data Sources” list. Click “Configure”.
  • Above step will open “ODBS Driver setup” window, Click “Datasource” button
  • do below changes in “Advanced Options” window
    1. on Page 1
      1. in “Data Type Options”, un-select “Text as LongVarchar”
      2. in Miscellaneous, change “Chunk Size” from 100 to 75000
    2. on Page 3
      1. in “The Use of LIBPQ library”, change selection from “unspecified” to ”yes” , click Apply, Click Ok.

I hope this helps.

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