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Unix useful commands

  1. ls -lrt
  2. Tail -10
  3. Find the biggest file under current mountpointfind . -name “*” -exec ls -l {} \;|awk ‘{print $5}’|sort
  4. create directories recursively
    mkdir -p /dir1/dir2/dir3
  5. Copy as well as make a compressed copy.
    cp -c /file1 /dir/file2.Z
  6. Kill LOCAL sessions before shutdown
    kill -9 `ps -ef|grep LOCAL|awk ‘{print $2}’
  7. removing  files date wise
    rm ls -l |grep ‘Jul  18’|awk ‘{print $NF}’​
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Sql Server useful commands


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Denodo useful Developer Commands/Info

In this area I will be posting Denodo useful commands/tricks. Below are few,

  1. context (‘querytimeout’ = )


context ('querytimeout' = '10800000')

Use above syntax at the end of SELECT statement to avoid default timeout which happens usually after 15 minutes.


Use it to get fields names and its data types

  1. MAP (,’$.Parent1.ChildElementName’)

Useful in SELECT or WHERE clause to get info from JSON column

  1. Use CTE’s or TEMP tables for intermediate data processing
  2. Escape character in Denodo is $. Useful when we search data with functions with REGEX
  3. Denodo Documentation: Select appropriate version.
  4. : For Denodo customers to create case/ticket for questions/issues.
  5. DBeaver : I like this client tool because you will get to open multiple query windows and in each window you can run multiple commands at same time.
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