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avoid time-out for Denodo ADO Net Source in SSIS

In SSIS, I was executing sql command in ADO Net Source of one of the Data Flow and was getting Time-out error after approximately 15 minutes. I used below clause after select statement.

context (‘querytimeout’ = ‘9000000’)

Here time is in milliseconds (in our case, ‘9000000’ is approx 2.5 hr).

For more info read “CONTEXT CLAUSE” in Denodo documentation in “Advanced VQL Guide”


How to achieve Parallelism in SSIS

May 20, 2012 Leave a comment

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) allows parallel execution in two different ways

1) MaxConcurrentExecutables : It defines how many tasks (executables) can run simultaneously. It defaults to -1 which is translated to the number of processors plus 2. Please note that if your box has hyperthreading turned on, it is the logical processor rather than the physically present processor that is counted. Read more…

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